Ayurveda to Cure Diabetes

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disorder where sugar isn’t metabolized correctly from the organism.

Type 1 diabetes is a disorder where the body doesn’t produce insulin in any way.    This is an autoimmune disorder in which the immune system attacks and destroys pancreatic tissues that make insulin. It’s a rare, hereditary condition that’s incurable right now.  Patients that suffer from this form of diabetes require insulin shots for the rest of their lives to be able their own body to operate correctly.  

Type 2 diabetes is a disorder in which the body can’t create enough insulin to boost glucose correctly.  This also contributes to a rise in glucose levels and even to the impairment of the whole organism’s functions.   

Can Ayurveda cure diabetes?

This question intrigues all diabetic sufferers or individuals who suffer from symptoms of melancholy and the reply is that Ayurveda may supply an adequate and efficient treatment for diabetes. 

Ayurvedic and diabetes

The disorder, which is currently the fourth reason behind death in developed nations, and among the causes of coronary disease and heart disease, was understood to Indian physicians and it had been explained in detail at the Ayurvedic over 3000 decades back. 

Back in Indian holistic medication, diabetes is called Madhumeha, which in Sanskrit means “Madhumeha (मधुमेह):—[=madhu-meha] [from madhu] m. honey-like or saccharine urine, diabetes, [Suśruta].”

 The early writings explain the triggers and symptoms of this illness, in addition to the remedies.  

Ayurvedic doctors treat diabetes using a multifaceted strategy, which comprises a dietary plan and also a shift in the eating customs, remedies like Panchakarma and Shirodhara for proper cleaning, herbal treatments, yoga and breathing exercises, and meditation.  

Ayurveda admits the multifactor character of diabetes from talking about genetic markers, the ministry and present imbalances in line with the sort of Dosha of those diabetic patients.  

Treatment of this disease is challenging, it takes persistence and a great deal of patience, but the outcome attained with holistic ayurvedic procedures of therapy show tremendous results.  

Basics of therapy of diabetic patients who are employed by Ayurveda.The treatment employed from the Indian holistic medication aims not just to balance glucose but also to rejuvenate the human body and encourage a positive shift in the individual’s lifestyle.  Ayurvedic herbal medicines and remedies are centered on the primary reason for the disease. They plan to fortify the immune system and enhance digestion and assist the individual in having a wholesome way of life.   

The therapeutic herbal remedies and the recommended remedies for the treatment of diabetes reinforce the tissues of this organism, letting them re-produce insulin correctly. The remedies employed from the Ayurveda doctors  aren’t only very powerful, but in type two diabetes, mainly if discovered at an early phase, the procedures are entirely reversible. 

Kinds of diabetes based on Ayurveda

In Ayurvedic Indian medicine, some other disorder within the human body appears because of disturbance in the equilibrium of those three Doshas




or so the focus is about demonstrating the distressed Dosha and on its subsequent balancing.  

Diabetes of this Kapha kind

This kind of diabetes occurs on account of the disrupted energy equilibrium of Kapha dosha.   The explanation for the Dosha is connected with obesity because of excess intake of sweet foods. When someone who absorbs an excessive amount of his entire body gets fat. The pancreas operational activities reduce because they cannot process the glucose and the amount of Kapha at the gut increases.  Subsequently, Kapha divides into other cells, accompanied by the incidence of symptoms like regular bleeding darkening of the urine. 

Diabetes of this Kapha kind has 10 subtypes, however, the fantastic thing is it is a type two diabetes, that can be curably combined with all its subtypes, if located at an early period.  

Diabetes of this Pitta kind

In this type of diabetes raised amounts of Pitta to collect from the small gut; they then proceed to the pancreas and liver and cause disturbances within their functions. Diabetes of this Pitta form contains six subtypes but also goes back to type two diabetes. Therefore it’s curable based on Ayurveda.   This kind of diabetes is type 1, and again, there’s an initial handicap of this equilibrium of Vata dosha. This kind of diabetes is incurable; however, even insulin levels could be stabilized.  

Ayurveda’s therapy in sufferers of type 1

Diabetes keeps glucose within acceptable limits, which considerably lowers the daily consumption of insulin.   

“Can Ayurveda cure diabetes and what approaches it uses.”

Initially, we have to discuss this brand new science.   To stay healthy, an individual must reside in harmony with nature and himself, have a balanced diet, and keep the equilibrium in his entire body, mind, and soul.   Any imbalance, even if not corrected, may result in different diseases, such as diabetes. Diabetes frequently occurs as a result of an imbalance of a few of those Doshas, which happens because of improper diet plan. Therefore, before beginning a cure for diabetes, patients need to undergo a health evaluation to ascertain the constitution and Dosha and the sort of diabetes where the individual suffers or demonstrates signs. In the aspects mentioned above, the doctor considers that the age, period of this illness, eating and lifestyle habits, genetics, environment, etc.  

Ayurvedic Procedures for treating diabetes

Change in the daily diet and attaining weight equilibrium. Diabetes,the surplus of Kapha contributes to weight reduction, and Tamas and Rajas guna’s growth leads to laziness, lethargy, lack of appetite for motion, which accelerate the practice of obesity and, therefore, develop type two diabetes. Therefore, the first thing Ayurveda urges as a useful tool in the struggle against this critical illness is the equilibrium of burden using a change in the eating customs.  


In all ancient texts, meals have been explained as a significant element in maintaining good physical and psychological wellbeing.  


Introduce a balanced diet that excludes sweet, salty, and sour foods is essential to decrease Kapha dosha and reduce the fat and glucose levels.  

Why is this important? 

Foods like cheese, cheese, cakes, white bread, pasta, carrots, and fruits, including a good deal of sugar-free foods, clog the bronchial stations, making it hard for the pancreas to operate, consequently give rise to the accumulation of additional weight. Ayurveda promotes the use of meals with sour flavor like chicory, artichoke, in addition to the growth of their consumption of new green leafy veggies, whole grain bread, brown rice, kale, garlic, lettuce, onion, Ayurvedic herbs like garlic, Momordica, Aloe Vera, cinnamon, fenugreek, Indian ginseng, etc. All these foods not just help normalize the fat but also enable the body to get rid of toxins, or so the functioning of the pancreas may be enhanced along with the normal blood glucose levels – restored.   

Besides balanced and proper nutrition, Ayurveda identifies many spices and herbs that assist with the treatment of diabetes.  To today have been famous over 1000 spices and herbs that reduce the amounts of sugar and which are utilized at the Treatment of diabetes

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