Why is my digestive power so important?

Why is my digestive power so important?

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Attention is often given to the standard of our food. Ayurveda explains the potency of our digestive Fire ‘Agni’ is also very important as it decides how much nutrition we will benefit from what we consume and greatly influences our wellbeing. 

When our digestive flame ‘Agni’ is burning brightly and steadily food has been digested efficiently, allowing nutrients to be transported to the cells of the body efficiently. Waste products are processed efficiently, preventing a build-up of toxins and the final result of optimum digestion is that the creation of a delicate innermost crucial nature called ojas.

 Ayurvedic texts explain that ojas is your basis of somebody’s physical strength, resistance, clarity of awareness, happiness, enlightenment and longevity. It’s Ojas that keeps all living beings joyful. If however, Agni is diminished through improper eating habits, lack of activity or poor daily routine then digestion becomes impaired and toxins or impurities out of incomplete digestion collect.  Ayurveda has a title for this poisonous residue, it is called Ama, and it’s regarded as the origin of illness. 

What’s Ama? 

Sticky, white and foul-smelling, ama types in your digestive tract when everything you consume isn’t digested properly.  Ama is usually caused by eating meals that are not suitable for your physique or the time,

If ama is produced over a long period, it can leave your digestive tract, affixed to feeble area elsewhere in your body where it hastens obstructing the shrotas (microcirculatory stations ). If the microchannels become obstructed with ama it interrupts the flow of nutrients into the area and inhibits your body’s natural waste elimination systems. Then ama moves into the tissues — called  dhatusama This is considered more harmful than the simple ama.

Healthy Digestive Fire Tips

Here are some simple Do’s and Don’ts that will help you enjoy a healthy digestive fire. 




Tip — A good Index of digestive fire is feeling completely happy and light following eating.