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How does Ayurveda help boost your immunity?

Ayurveda-a way of life


Ayurveda’s immunity Fostering Steps for self-care throughout COVID 19 catastrophe In the aftermath of this Covid 19 epidemic, whole humanity throughout the world is affected.  Improving the human body’s normal defence system (resistance)plays an significant function in maintaining optimal health. 

Most of us know that prevention is far better than cure.  Even though there’s absolutely no medication for COVID-19 now, it is going to be useful to consider preventative measures that improve our immunity in character in preserving healthy and joyful living. 

Ayurveda’s comprehensive knowledge base on preventative care, derives by the concepts of “Dinacharya” – everyday regimes and also “Ritucharya” – seasonal regimes to keep healthful life. The ease of consciousness of the stability each person can attain by inspiring and keeping up their resistance is highlighted throughout Ayurveda’s classical temptations. 

General Steps

  1. Drink hot water
  2. Do yoga and meditation every day for at least 30 minutes
  3. Use Spices in your diet.
  4. Hot milk once or twice every day. 

Simple Ayurvedic Approaches

  1. Nasal Program – Apply jojoba oil / coconut oil Ghee in the nostrils
  2. Oil pulling treatment – Require 1 tablespoon coconut or sesame oil .  Don’t drink, Swish in the mouth for two to three minutes and then spit it out followed with warm water . 

This can be done once or two times every day. 

Cold cough / Sore throat 

But, It’s ideal to consult physicians if these signs persist. 

The above steps could be followed according to a person’s convenience.