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Does Ayurveda have a better chance of treating Asthma?

Ayurveda-a way of life


For an asthmatic patient it is hard for air to move in and out of their lungs, triggering symptoms like coughing, wheezing and shortness of chest or breath tightness. 

Asthma at Ayurveda called “Pranavaha Sroto Vikara”  as Swasa is still a common lung condition which leads to frequent breathing problems.  It affects individuals of all ages and frequently starts in youth, although it may also happen in the older generation for the first time . 

Asthma Ayurvedic practitioners utilize multiple methods to bring your system into a more balanced, state that is overburdened.  They comprise:

For treating bronchial asthma and allergic asthma, Ayurvedic professionals have reported about the effective use of numerous herbal remedies.   These along with other herbaceous plants, diet, and deep breathing methods  help decrease asthma symptoms. 

Ayurvedic medicine is an early medical system which has roots in India.  Ayurveda is practiced now around the globe.  Some herbal remedies, for example dietary alterations or even the usage of herbs, might have advantages for asthma, even though scientific evidence is lacking regarding their efficacy. 

Some herbal formulas have also been discovered to contain dangerous substances like lead.  Ayurveda should not be substituted to your normal asthma mediction or with no physician’s approval.