Do not skip breakfast- the Ayurveda Perspective

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Many people often skip breakfast due to their hectic work schedules. But that must not be done according to Ayurveda. Fasting is never recommended as this leads to irritation of Vata, Kapha, and Pitta doshas. When you skip breakfast, this irritates a sub dosha of Pitta named Sadhaka Pitta. This Pitta is responsible for maintaining the temper and also bringing in a balance of joy and contentment in the lives of individuals. The imbalances in Sadhaka Pitta cause irritation and unsettled emotions in individuals.

If you have been busy skipping breakfasts or do not feel hungry in the morning, then start by eating small amounts daily during breakfast. This is a good way of easing your body to consuming a healthy breakfast. Drink fresh fruit juices or vegetable juices to inculcate the habit of consuming breakfast again. When you consume vegetable or fruit juices, it will rehydrate the body and keep you energetic throughout the day.

Make a mixture of carrot, zucchini, or cilantro or you can try making a mixture of apple, pear, and sweet grape. Do not consume orange juice on an empty stomach. This is because it is too acidic. Whatever fruit or vegetable you select fresh juice must be consumed as this rejuvenates the body with an ample amount of energy. The juice must be at room temperature and never be ice cold. You can drink the juice slightly cold.

Consuming the fruit in the morning is ideal for the body, according to Ayurveda. This is the best time to get the maximum nourishment from the fruits. You can eat cooked apples in the morning as it helps to create Ojas. Ojas leads to increasing the strength, vitality, immunity, and well being of a person.

Sweet and juicy fruits are great cleansers. Consuming such fruits will help to remove impurities from the body. Ayurveda recommends that an individual must consume fruits first in the morning. This must be consumed thirty minutes before you eat other breakfast foods like hot cereal.

Other breakfast food suggestions include eating dried raisins or figs that have been soaked a night before in water. You can also soak figs and raisins for thirty minutes before consuming them too. One can also try eating oatmeal with raisins or flatbread with warm milk or honey. They are equally fulfilling and healthy breakfast options.

However busy you may be due to work, never skip breakfast as that is indeed an important meal for your body.