Ayurvedic view on Drinking Milk

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As per Ayurveda, milk has unique nutritional elements that one cannot get by consuming other kinds of food. When digested properly, milk provides nourishment to the tissues in the body, helps in balancing the doshas, and promotes balanced emotions. It has been hailed as one of the pivotal foods for promoting ojas.

Ojas is a substance that your body makes from proper digestion. With the help of ojas, you can get strength, happiness, good immunity. These are all mentioned in Ayurveda. Milk is, therefore, an important food to include in the diet. This is more so if you are vegetarian.

For properly digesting the milk, avoid drinking cold milk. You should boil the milk before drinking it. Awhile boiling, the milk should be allowed to foam up, and then the heat should be brought down. Then slowly boil the milk for about five minutes. Heating milk leads to a gradual change in the molecular structure of the milk, and it becomes easy for you to digest. One can also add a pinch of ground black pepper, turmeric, cinnamon stick, ginger for removing the heaviness of the milk.

For those people who have not consumed milk for a long time or have trouble digesting milk, they must start drinking milk gradually.  This will help the body to get adjusted to this new food. Start drinking 1/8th cup of boiled milk. Then slowly increase the amount of milk consumption.

The milk that you consume should be organic, non-homogenized, and whole. The homogenized milk is difficult to digest and can lead to the blocking of the finer channels of circulation in your body.

When consuming milk, pay attention to the fact that it must not be eaten or mixed with sour, salty, bitter, or pungent tastes. If you combine the milk with these incompatible tastes, the milk will not be easy to digest. This will lead to toxin formation in the body. Dishes cooked with fish or meat and milk must be avoided. Warm milk might be consumed with rice, dates, mangoes, and almonds.

Consuming warm milk after an hour, you have your meal is the best way to drink milk. Consuming milk before going to bed can help one to fall asleep quickly. This is mostly helpful for those people who have insomnia or sleeping problems. Adding a little natural sweetener to milk will make for a good snack for children when they come back from school.