Ayurvedic tips for Healthy Nails

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 You are indeed lucky if you have strong, beautiful, and healthy nails. But maintaining them in their correct state is very important. The condition of your nails reflects the quality of production of tissue in your body. Nails are the waste products of the bones. An improper diet can lead to nail disorders like split nails, flaky nails, discoloring of the nail bed, and vertical ridges.

For promoting the healthy growth of the nails, one can use sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, dried fruits, dairy fruits, nuts, and dark leafy green vegetables. For proper nourishment of the nails, one can make a nail cream from honey and almond oil. This can be made and left overnight before using it on your nails for healthy nails.

You can also make a nail cream by mixing a teaspoon of egg yolk, avocado pulp, a pinch of salt, and honey into a smooth and even paste. Take a small amount of this nail cream and then massage the cuticles and the surrounding skin of the nails. Keep for half an hour and then wash it off. This can be applied at night time as your hands will not be exposed to water at night.

We have also compiled a few Ayurvedic tips for maintaining strong, healthy, and beautiful nails.

  • One can massage their cuticles and nails with olive oil in slow and gentle strokes. This will help them to make the nails strong and shining. Massaging the nails with mustard oil has also been found to be helpful.
  • For maintaining strong nails, individuals can soak nails in a mixture made from horsetail.
  • If you stain on your nails, then mix one tablespoon of lemon juice to a cup of water. Then soak the nails in this mixture for some minutes. This will help to remove the stains from the nails.
  • If you want to prevent peeling and cracking of the cuticle area, you need to moisturize it regularly. 
  • If you have soft nails, then you will want to make the nails hard. For making the nails hard, an individual can soak them in olive oil for about twenty minutes. This must be done on alternate days to provide nutrition to the nails and also make them hard and strong. 


These are some of the Ayurvedic ways with the help of which you can take care of your nails and keep them strong and healthy.