Germs are around us, both inside our own environment and in our own bodies. When a man is vulnerable plus also encounters a receptor that is harmful, it often leads to death and disease. The body has many methods of defending itself against pathogens (disease-causing organisms). Skin, mucus, along with cilia (microscopic hairs which go debris away from the lungs) work as physical barriers to protect against pathogens from entering your human anatomy in the first location. If a pathogen does interrupts your system, your own body’s defences, called the defense mechanisms, are triggered along with the pathogen has been attacked and destroyed or overcome.

A Pathogen is a bacterium, virus, parasite or disease which could lead to illness in your system.  Each pathogen is composed of several sub parts, usually particular to this particular pathogen and the illness it causes.  The sub part of a pathogen which results in the creation of radicals is known as an antigen.  The radicals generated in a reaction to this pathogen’s antigen are still a significant part the immunity apparatus. You are able to consider anti bodies as the soldiers within your human body’s defense mechanisms.

 Each antibody soldier or a soldier, even inside our bodies will be trained to recognize just one specific antigen.  We’ve got 1000s of unique Compounds within our own bodies.  When your body is subjected to an antigen for the very first time, it requires some time to allow your own immune system to respond and produce cells specific to this antigen. In the mean time, the man or woman is vulnerable to getting sick. Once that the antigen-specific compounds have been produced, they assist the remaining defense mechanisms to destroy the pathogen and also block the illness.

  Antibodies to a single pathogen do not drive back the other pathogen except if two germs are very much like each other, such as cousins.  Once your system produces antibodies in its own principal reaction to an antigen, in addition, it creates antibody-producing memory cells, which remain living after the pathogen is crushed.

  In the event the human body is confronted with the very same pathogen significantly more than the antibody response is substantially faster and much more powerful compared to the very first time around since the memory cells have reached the capability to pump toxins out against that antigen.  This ensures that in the event the man or woman has been subjected to this dangerous pathogen later on, their immunity system should have the ability to react instantly, avoiding illness.

Now that we understand how a virus works, western medicine has tried combating the COVID 19 virus with limited success.

As you have read earlier, the cure is in not letting the virus to attack you.

Ayurveda’s approach is to reach out for the root cause of any disease instead of just treating the symptoms.

It is clear that people with good immunity have a lower chance of contracting the virus. Ayurveda has created potent immunity boosting medicines which will help people at risk to increase their immunity levels to an extent that the medicine becomes a protective shield not only against the COVID 19 virus, but also for any other expected ailments due to a poor immune response system.

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